What are Self-Bunded Tanks For?

If your company is in dire need of large volumes of fuel or will require hefty amounts of some other petrochemical product, the use of self-bunded tanks here will prove as a practical option to consider than others. It is a tank within another tank, that is.

What are Self-Bunded Tanks For?

This fuel storage solution comes with double steel walls making them safe and highly effective storage option for diesel and other liquid fuels. Sometimes they are referred to as double-walled tanks  simply because they come with an inner and outer tank. Such comes with a purpose in mind.

A gap of space comes between the inner and outer tank. The purpose of which is to catch any leakages or spillage, which is often unlikely to happen. But for the sake of having some peace of mind, it is incorporated to how they are designed. With this feature in place, the risk of environmental contamination is minimized if not completely taken away.

Bunded Tanks are Durable

These fuel storage tanks are built as tough as they should be. They are designed to hold and contain liquid fuel and are thus expected to secure them and keep spillage or leaks out of the picture.

Should small leaks appear or spillage would occur,  the second wall will keep the liquid fuel from spilling through. By this measure,  the immediate area surrounding it will not be contaminated by the spillage.

As mentioned earlier, first wall spillage (also known as bund wall) is unlikely to happen. The structure itself is designed for optimum strength, so as to prevent leaks or spillage of the fuel liquid that it holds.

Cost-Effective Fuel Storage Option

Bunded storage tanks can surprisingly hold huge amounts of fuel liquid. Typically, their holding capacity would range from 1,000 liters to 150,000 liters. With this amount of fuel liquid in your project site, it will eliminate the need for your personnel to leave the premises just so they can have the machinery they’re using or their vehicles refueled.

This works to the advantage of the company or your business in such a way that it will help your staff save on resources and the time it will take them to travel to and from a nearby refueling station.

High Level of Versatility

A self-bunded fuel tank offer flexibility of use. Aside from liquid fuel, it is also ideal as a storage container for petroleum, diesel, chemical and petrochemical applications, even for oil and waste oil.

They are not just versatile storage container for liquid fuel but they are mobile too and thus can be easily relocated on site. You have the liberty to take it even to some remote locations and another plus factor here is that they are also easy to install.

The manner of their installation is usually direct and simple. Should you require it to have some additional monitoring equipment, they sure have a room for that and have everything about it fit your requirements.  

The utilization of bunded storage systems can be attributed to the stringent implementation of industry regulations and to various environmental laws here in Australia. This made the use of bunded tanks a nationwide requirement among business entities that makes use of liquid fuel or any type of liquid stored in their site. See also: Silvan diesel transfer pump