Practical Applications of 3D Printing Services

Practical Applications of 3D Printing Services

If you understand how big the impact is of 3D printing services, you will agree with us in saying that it is indeed the way to the future. Things about it in the printing industry are getting more accessible for everyone, and that is a positive sign for the 3D printing Australia industry.

Apart from the introduction of new hardware to use,  alongside this is a lot of software applications that are being developed. This will help accommodate the newer, better, more sophisticated yet more affordable printing machines that are continuously being introduced to the market.

Below are some of the coolest projects that are involving the use of a 3D printing machine.

3D Printed… songs?

There is nothing wrong with your eyes, you are reading things right here. Do you reminisce those times when the older versions of your Windows Media Player would have you watch a trippy moving version of your back in the early 2000s? This is rather considered as the more updated version of that. It is a software that listens to the music you create, and from which creates for you a beautiful art from it.  

Fabric Embellishments

Most often than not, the fashion industry is almost always at the forefront of the latest technological advancement. Hence, we are not surprised that it recently picked up on 3D printing applications as well.

Combining software and materials helped pave the way for the creation of awesome printed designs and then using them as an accent piece on apparel.   

Prosthetic Covers

If you are finding the Iron Man appeal of the prosthetic as something not very impressive with respect to your personal taste, we now have we can be considered as awesome looking 3D printed prosthetic covers.

Amputees who are using them can opt to inject some personal style and taste to customize their prosthetic and make it reflect their personality even more.

Buildings and Structures

Not long ago, it was just a wild fancy in science — to create buildings and structures with the use of 3D printers. This is now not just a dream but a part of our reality. It does it slowly by printing just the pieces of the building first and then stuck them up altogether.

Musical Instruments

It is wrong to think that technology will have a hard time catching up with the quality and caliber of the musical instruments produced by the human hand. Aside from making replacement parts much easier and cheaper than ever, this is bound to make musical instruments more customizable and accessible.  


If you are finding it unthinkable to wear a 3D print-embellished shirt as mentioned above, the perfect accessory to complement this is no less than a 3D printed shoes. It’s a given already that 3D printing allows for an easier and cheaper way to implement designs. The same thing can be said even for designing shoes. This signifies that even if you have weirdly large feet, you can be assured that there is a room for you here.  


One practical application for 3D printing services can be found in the production of casts. Fractured-bone casts help expedite recuperation and regeneration of broken bones.

The cool thing about 3D printed casts is that they will allow you to scratch an itchy part of your skin, let you take a shower, and you are not even prohibited to immerse yourself in a swim spa.

There are also downsides. 3D printed casts are not graffiti, therefore you can’t just let your friends write or doodle anything on it simply because you won’t be able to efface them anymore.


The 3D Printing Service Australia industry is as dynamic as dynamic can be. This holds a good, promising future for everyone, and not just those who are involved in the printing industry. From the way things are going at the moment, 3D printing is bound to embrace a multifunctionality role in the modern way of life.  So much has been made out of it, and so much still is yet to come.