CNC Cutting Machines, What Are They?

CNC Cutting Machines, What Are They?

What is a CNC cutting machine? These are machines that make use of Computer Numerical Control over a qualified machine tool such as grinders, mills, lathes, or routers. 

CNC is different from the usual desktop computer that we are all familiar with, that is in terms of the software application used to gain control of the machine. Such software applications are customizable and specially programmed in a language called G-code. This machine language is specifically designed for CNC applications and allows you to have precise control over various features like location, speed, feed rate, and coordination.  

Computerized machining is facilitated by specialized software. It comes with a customized G-code, which is the language that allows you to have a precise coordination control, location, speed and feed rate, among many other factors. 

The application software infused with G-code programming will sit inside a computer’s memory which looks like one sophisticated desktop computer.  

Is CNC Machining A Lot Better Compared to Traditional? 

Both conventional machining and CNC machining are aiming to reach one and the same end. They also start with a plastic or a raw nugget of metal, then work it out and shape it into a part of something.

CNC automation against the manual nature of the traditional method is the basic distinguishing factor between the two. Production rate, speed, and accuracy are often qualified as the major advantages that CNC machining have over traditional methods of machining.  

In CNC machining, if you have a highly skilled staff you may delegate him to program the software application so it would cut out the required part. This is contrary to the traditional which will necessitate a skilled employee to go through all the rudiments of machining, from the equipment setup down to operating the machine itself. 

In manual machining, your skilled operator will need to set the gears which are CNC machining has completely eliminated simply because it does not have any need for gears.  Normally, traditional machining will cost you less and may be best used in rather small-scale projects. 

This is in complete contrast to CNC machining which usually is most of the time utilized for large scale projects. Therefore, it would not be as cost-effective as traditional machining is on smaller projects.  

It is readily realized that CNC and traditional methods are available for almost every machining job you can think of. These may include the following: 

  • Drills: A bit is spun so as to make physical contact with the material.
  • Lathes: A solid block of material is moved against your drill bit, and is normally carried out in lateral motion.
  • Milling Machines: These rotary-cutting tools take out the material from a stock unit.

One of the first milestones of CNC machining is its utilization of CAD (computer-aided design) software to help it create either a 2 or a 3-dimensional prototype or model of the final component.

The image of the prototype will be fed into the software. It will run through computers, directing the machining tools to shape out the item that is completely identical to the model itself.  

Soon after your computer has loaded a new image to be used for CNC machining, it can retrieve that up again and again and produce more than what it is. This factor is another key advantage of CNC cutting machines. It can let you achieve machining accuracy not going beyond 0.0001 


If you own an enterprise with a dire need for some intricately designed metal shapes, particularly the 3-dimensional types, then the use of CNC cutting machines would be right for you.

Perhaps what can be considered as the only situation when the use of CNC technology is not practical anymore is if your business organization’s operation is rather running on a small-scale operation. 

If it is needing only simple metal shapes, this is where CNC machining would have its limit and that does not confer any big advantage with respect to the cost. CNC machining method is usually the option there is for competitive industries.