Plasma Cutters

Plasma cutters uses an electrically charged pressurized gas that produces an arc called plasma. The plasma passes through a narrow opening, concentrating it and focusing in to the material being cut.  Plasma is known as the fourth state of matter, next to the other three states of matter, which are solid, liquid, and gas. Plasma has an amazing electrical conductivity, and so it transfers the electrical charges to the metal being cut, making it part of the circuit.

The nozzle of the machine is a narrow and controlled opening through which the gas passes squeezes it at a very high speed, cutting the metal. Some of today’s plasma cutters use a pilot arc to ionize the gas, which generates plasma prior to the transfer. The pilot arc is located between the nozzle and the electrode.

One other method used in plasma cutting is creating a spark by touching the tip of the torch. Another method is using a sort of a spark plug, which is a high-frequency starting circuit. However, these two methods are not compatible with CNC (computer numerically controlled) cutting, which the automated method.


CNC Plasma Cutters

A plasma CNC cutting machine offers full automation of the production process.  Earlier versions of CNC machines used to have a tape with small holes that provide the instructions to a computer, which are considered as “primitive” today.

CNC machines today use costly production computers that are designed specifically to run these machines. Some companies and individuals use personal computers with software that run the CNC machine. These advanced computer systems produce high quality cut and high production speed. The CNC software enables you to program the design, the shape, and even the pauses for piercing. It also allows you to set the speeding up and slowing down at corners, and other functions that are not possible with non-automated machines.


How to Choose the Right Plasma Cutter?

When you are on the search for automated plasma cutters such as the CNC plasma cutting machine, it is always about maximizing productivity and output. The plasma cutting machine that you will choose for your business or work will greatly depend on the type of materials you’ll be cutting as well as its thickness. It is important to know these specifications first prior to your purchase to ensure that you achieve your goals.

You must first decide which type of plasma cutting system you need, whether a conventional plasma cutting machine or a high definition plasma cutter is suitable for your operations. Conventional plasma cutters are best suitable for home use such as garage fabrication as well as medium-sized production. High definition plasma cutting systems offers high quality and precise cuts with less waste. Therefore, it is ideal for larger and more demanding production.


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